Plastic Surgery

Considering plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery has become increasingly more popular with men. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently reported an impressive 325 percent increase in male plastic surgery since the late 1990s. Evolving attitudes and newer technologies in aesthetic medicine have made it more appealing for men to consider cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements as a way to improve their appearance and gain more confidence.

Popular plastic surgery options for men:

Plastic or cosmetic surgery is performed using a variety of techniques to refine and enhance an individual’s features. A personal consultation to discuss skin history, consider appropriate treatments and products, and to define skin care goals with an Esteem team member will help to best determine next steps.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

What is involved with male breast reduction?

More than 200,000 cases of gynecomastia, the appearance of larger breasts in males, are reported each year.

Some boys and men are bothered by the appearance of excess fat and breast tissue. They report being self-conscious and, as a result, avoid taking off their shirts in public, like at the beach. Male breast reduction surgery, or subcutaneous mastectomy, could be a solution to resolve this issue. It removes extra breast tissue and fat providing a more sculpted look to the male chest.

Today’s advanced techniques offer men a permanent solution to restore a naturally masculine appearance with short surgery and quick recovery.

There are several techniques for the reduction of enlarged male breasts—such as liposuction, direct areolar tissue reduction surgery with a short scar near the nipple, and full breast reduction surgery with scars around the nipple and along the chest (for very droopy breasts, such as those in massive weight loss clients). Full results are typically seen within a few weeks.

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