Tattoo Removal

As many as 25 percent of people with tattoos report being less than happy with that decision.

Individuals considering tattoo removal should contact a member of the Esteem team to schedule an in-person consultation to best evaluate the options for removal.

Good candidates for tattoo removal are those with medium-to-fair skin and tattoo(s) containing dark, but not dense, ink that is not too deep. Medium and fair skinned people react well, because the laser can selectively target ink. For tattoos on a spot with good circulation (arms, chest, buttocks), individuals should see results fairly quickly. Areas with poor circulation (ankles, fingers) are a bit more of a challenge.

Although laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable, our physicians utilize a combination of topical or injected anesthesia to ensure the procedure is well tolerated.

Complete removal of tattoos will typically take several treatments with each treatment helping the tattoo to fade.

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