Illuminize Peel®

The Illuminize Peel is appropriate for first-time peel clients. It is a gentle, superficial facial peel that tightens skin and increases radiance and glow while improving clarity, color and texture; restores a more youthful appearance with very little, if any, visible peeling.

Rejuvenize Peel

The Rejuvenize Peel is a professional grade, deep-action chemical peel to help minimize the effects sun damage, melasma, acne scarring and fine wrinkles. It penetrates deep into the surface layers of the skin, and begins working almost instantly to deliver even, radical exfoliation and expose fresher, more beautiful looking skin in as little as one treatment. The Rejuvenize Peel is specially formulated to provide the most dramatic results possible while maintaining minimal downtime and discomfort. If over-the-counter skin care products have left you disappointed for the treatment of fine wrinkles, minor blemishes, rough, sun-damaged skin or acne scars, then a Rejuvenize Peel treatment may be just what you need!

Vitalize Peel®

The Vitalize Peel offers a unique blend of mild acids and cosmeceutical ingredients to provide a complete and safe peel, gentle enough to use every three weeks. Improves skin tone and texture, fades age spots, minimizes and lessens superficial lines, reduces large pores and pigmentation irregularities, as well as stimulates collagen production. This unique blend of alpha-hydroxy and retinoic acid creates one of the strongest, but safest and most gentle peels; more dramatic results are achieved following multiple treatments. Two to three days following this peel, mild to moderate flaking will occur, but can be controlled with moisturizers.

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