Otoplasty/Cosmetic Ear Surgery

What is cosmetic ear surgery?

Cosmetic ear surgery, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning, surgically reshapes the ears. The cartilage is shaped using internal stitches or sculpting techniques and small incisions behind the ears.

Cosmetic ear surgery may successfully treat these conditions:

  • Large, prominent ears that are further from the head than preferred
  • Abnormal shape or position of the outer ear, “lop” or low-set ears
  • Self-consciousness or embarrassment over unusually shape of ears

Earlobe Reduction/Repair

Earlobe repairs may be performed to correct elongation of piercings or complete earlobe clefts (torn earlobes), caused by an earring tearing out.

As we age, ear lobes become longer and longer. Earlobe reduction may quickly restore a youthful appearance. Shortening of the earlobes produce a very inconspicuous scar. The entire face typically looks rejuvenated with this simple procedure.

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